Skintiva was originally developed for the golfing community. It is fast drying and greaseless and wont interfere with your grip. Whether you are perfecting your swing or going for distance, your club won’t slip out of your hand, and its portable and convenient packaging will fit in any bag or pocket, so you are never caught without protection.

In addition to golf, there are lots of sports that are played outside. Baseball, Softball, Tennis and Lacrosse players can also benefit from the greaseless properties and lets not forget the soccer parents who brave the elements to cheer, encourage and coach their little ones.  Harmful UVA and UVB rays are the most intense during the hours of 10 am – 2 pm so be sure you use the sun responsibly.

And lets not forget the winter sports, even thought the temperatures are low, you are still vulnerable to the suns harmful rays. Oftentimes the reflective properties of the snow and sun combined can be very deceiving and easy to get overexposure without even realizing it.

We parents make an effort to make sure that our kids are covered, but sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Lead by example and make sunscreen a priority. Children unfortunately do what we do and not usually what we say, so be a good example and remember to always…Use the sun responsibly…

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