About Skintiva

30+ SPF Sunscreen Protection

Skintiva, L.L.C. is a company that has an appreciation for how busy life has become, and hopes to make your life easier by providing convenience and practicality to things that we all need and use in our lives.  Even though we tend to over schedule our lives, we shouldn’t overlook the basics like sun protection.


Skintiva provides 30+ spf sun protection in an individually packaged  8”x 11” towelette. It is oil-free and water and sweat resistant, so its a perfect fit for everyone’s busy lifestyle.


Skintiva also contains Vitamin A & E and is formulated to include refreshing Aloe to protect our skin from all the damaging free radicals that our body faces in the environment everyday.  It also provides protection from both UV A (aging rays) and UV B (burning rays) rays.  skintiva leaves your skin feeling smooth,not sticky or tacky like some formulas can.


One towelette covers an average size adult and part of the charm of this product is that, it’s convenient, portable and easy …  so easy that kids can apply this themselves!!!  I don’t know about your kids, but mine hate the whole sunscreen application process so something that they can do themselves is priceless.


Our product makes travel easier and is airplane compliant since each pack is individually sealed.  No more arriving at your destination only to discover that all of your clothes are covered in suncreen.


Skintiva … Safe for travel and easy to use, whether you are working out or playing all day. Keep some in your glove box, your gym bag and purse.  Order yours today!

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